We made 10,000 unique visitors

I would like to say a very, very big thanks to everyone that helped this website get over 10,000 unique visitors in a single month for the very first time. By 11:59pm on 31st July 2011, the total unique visitors was 10,470. So lets see if we can get over that number this month :).

Oh and sorry about the lack of updates. I have not been finding many new photos anywhere on the net that I can post. Since I have been told off for posting to many lycra photos, means the website is going to get even less updates. Since finding new wetsuit photos is not easy. So have a feeling this website will, only get one new post this month if lucky.

4 Replies to “We made 10,000 unique visitors”

  1. I reckon if there aint any Wetsuits, Lycra is a good replacement. Still looks dam good and tight. Keep Doin It, WETSUIT & Lycra Lads…

  2. Here, here… as long as there are new posts i’m down for lycra/ anything with hot, young, fit, gorgeous, sweat dripping, overly cute lads in it, just saying. This is wetsuitlads, so if no wetsuits then just put up the lads, its still on topic. Besides, you are the admin, fuck anyone that goes against your word.

    Last year you were going to close this site, so there would’ve been less wetsuit photos out there on the web.

  3. Well unless you can find more people to model for the site then you can do more updates, hehe

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