Full set of Adidas full body suit shower photos here

You asked to see the full set of myself wearing the Adidas full body suit in the shower. So here are the full set of photos 🙂

Full set can be found at photos.wetsuitlads.co.uk/adidas_body_suit/gordon-va/01-10-2011/.

3 Replies to “Full set of Adidas full body suit shower photos here”

  1. Still have the long hair, was afraid you were going to shave it all off. Which would’ve been an upset, seeing as wet short hair isn’t as attractive as longer wet hair (not too long, then its awkward). Great photos!

    BTW, do you look at how many views you had the last month and then decide to post more photos, because it seems you post photos, generally, at the beginning of the month then they taper off. Just trend i was noticing, maybe if you keep it up all month you could get up to 20,000 unique views?

  2. VERY NICE !!! Your photo shoot and the excellent resulting phots have given me a boner in my tight wrestling singlet. heading to my own shower to take care f it in may soon to be wet singlet. Brilliant as always Gordon, you hot sexy and wet man.

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