Biker gear jigsaw is complete

At long last my biker gear jigsaw is complete. I now have the RST Delta Gloves, to go with the RST Pro Series 1 Piece Leather Suit and ZF-10 Karlie motorcycle helmet.

Looking forward to reading all your comments about them. If you don’t feel like commenting on them, please at least rate them :).

11 Replies to “Biker gear jigsaw is complete”

  1. Now for the bike!…jk, way too expensive. Though you should go for a bike ride with that one, i doubt you could make it 5 miles before you drown in your sweat….hmmm? a suit that makes you wet.

    Well, it sure does look good on you!

  2. Is this not a wetsuit website. Why do you keep going on about leathers?

    If I wanted to see you in a leather suit then I would go to a different website. Get it sorted.

    1. If you don’t like it? don’t visit and don’t comment.
      And of you don’t mind: And it is sorted!!!! you select by categories!!! Idiot!

      An Gordon you look nice in your boek gear! Look forward to see more pics!

      Greetz from Holland!

    2. Variety is the spice of life!!!

      Nice to have a little diversion from 100% wetsuits every now and again…

      More please G, perhaps you could wear the O’Neill Mutant with the hood up underneath just to keep the warring patron happy?

  3. If Gordon wants to talk about his leathers, then he can. After all, it is his website, so he can talk about whatever he wants.

    Anyway, it must feel good to have the complete ‘set’!

    1. Damn right… You do what you want G!!! I am prepared to go along with anything!!!!

  4. maybe you shouldn’t have called it wetsuitlads then?????

    I didn’t come on here to look at the developments of washing up liquid.

    I feel mislead.

    1. The website has been known as Wetsuitlads since its inception in 2003, correct me if I am wrong please G… out of 2000 pics, if not more, there are about 20 leather pics. ONE PERCENT, if that!

      Surely you’ve had plenty of enjoyment out of 8 years worth of Wetsuit viewing???

      I notice you’ve not mentioned spidey suit or the cycling gear? Any problem with these? I presume not then.

    2. And mr adam smith i think i can talk from us all. i am new but it won’t say that i have the same idea than the rest of the visitors here. Please F*** off! go away. build you’re own website. as Blondguppy sad. and you will be surprised if nobody is visiting your website! because people love variety! and also what Blondguppy said it’s only a small part of the majority is still wetsuits!

      so! and how we say in Dutch

      Bye Bye Zwaai Zwaai!!!!

  5. If I like the color blue, it doesn’t necessarily mean I wear it every single day. Variety is the spice of life.

    If you really don’t like it, feel free to start your own website. No one’s stopping you.

    Other than that, please stop trolling and move on.

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