Daniel is coming back very soon…

Daniel is coming back very soon to get new photos taken. So if you have any ideas for new photos, please let me know ASAP.

Below is a photo from a previous photo shot. To remind you what he looks like.

4 Replies to “Daniel is coming back very soon…”

  1. Oh!!! Absolutely Brilliant. Thanks to Daniel for agreeing to come back for more photos. If he doesn’t mind, perhaps the straitjacket and gotta see him in the HTC kit or Orca S2. But, I really don’t mind at all.

  2. BTW when I say soon, I mean around 11:30am, tomorrow morning. So I want your ideas now!!!

  3. Mmm Damm what Nice to know that we See new pics from daniël. 😀
    Maybe some wet and Nice bondage in wetsuit…. 😛

  4. This is excellent news! I’m glad that Dan is coming back.

    Well, I have to agree with BG. The straitjacket if he doesn’t mind, the Orca S2, Blueseventy Axium, Adidas Full Body suit, Spiderman suit…I could go on!

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