Another wetsuit cycle :)

If you follow us on twitter, or like us on facebook. I am sure you will know I went out a cycle today in my wetsuit. Which I know is nothing new at all :).

But doing it normally makes for some great photos for this website. Due to it pissing it down, not long after this photo was taken. It was the only good shot I got :(.

So to make up for it, once I was back home. I took the cycling top off. Then added my motorcycle helmet and the RST Delta Gloves.

Orca speedsuit + HJC ZF-10 karlie helmet

Hope you like these new photos.  More photos from the set can be found at

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  1. Looks like you REALLY enjoyed that wetsuit-trip! Cool pics! What ORCA-model is that? (By the way: While writing this I am wearing my own ORCA S3)

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