Chastity belt share holders?

Here’s a new idea for you to think about…

Would you, be willing to be my chastity belt key share holder? Meaning that a group of you would get together and buy me a chastity belt. As a group you hold the key. With the only way for me getting out. Is buying everyone’s shares back.

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  1. Is this an idea you was seriously considering? It sounds awesome G! I did read a similar story on another blog where a group of people all had to agree to remove padlocks on a box so that a guy could be freed of bondage. The keys that held him were in the locked box!!!

  2. Sounds like a great idea, I like BG’s idea as well as everyone will need to agree to release you. Mind you, I would want to witness the locking up ceremony…..

  3. “With the only way for me getting out. Is buying everyone’s shares back.”

    How would that actually work?

    1. Easy people would get together to buy it. I would have to pay everyone back to the get key back.

      1. Which could lead to a very frustrating couple of months (years? :o) … especially if people decide the share price has gone up…

  4. Hi G, fantastic idea, but wouldn’t it interfere with your cycling?

    How many people would you be looking for?

    1. Right now it’s just an idea. Also hoping that someone will maybe write a story using the same idea :).

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