Neoprene Sleep Sack

OMG so, so need to get one of these. It’s only like £184.95. Think of all the hot photos I could get while all helpless inside it.

Want to buy yourself one or even better me?? Then check out

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  1. Believe it or not: I had a look at exactly the same thing when checking out a German Fetish-Gear-Store at Munich about two hours ago. Price is about €200.- Must be nice to sleep in it while wearing a wetsuit, too…

    1. Gordon, you definitively need such a sleepsack!!! I have one made from lycra and always wanted one made from neoprene.

      Neosoldier: whats the url of that store?

      Have fun, Mark

  2. G… I’d love to buy you that, really I would. But you know I have just got myself a new bike, so it might have to wait a little longer.

  3. Its Hard for you to get out of bed as it is 😀 ” if you get one of those you never will ” Hell yea GO for IT !!!!

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