The neoprene sleepsack is here!

That’s the neoprene sleepsack here. Can’t believe just how fast it turned up. I will be for sure using Regulation London again. Sorry to say you all going to have to wait a while for the first photos of myself in it. All going to well, I will have a good friend coming over on the 4h February to get photos for me :). So in other words two weeks tomorrow. So it will give you all some time to vote in the poll.

6 Replies to “The neoprene sleepsack is here!”

    1. Yes I can’t wait to find out what it’s like to zipped inside and fully helpless :).

  1. Ahh… who will be the lucky guy to zip you up in the sleepsack?

    Glad you got it… seems that you are keen to try it out already!!!

    Looking forward to the pics! 😉

    1. Sorry not going to say who will be putting me in it. Yes of course I am very keen to try it out :).

  2. Quivering with anticipation, I’ll bet!:) I’m looking forward to seeing the photos!

  3. Yep, looking forwards to seeing the pics as well! I wonder who the lucky person taking the pics could be?!

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