Website statistics for December 2011

Below are the main website statistics for December 2011.

  • Unique visitors: 12,495 (most ever in a single month).
  • Bandwidth: 37.01 GB (most ever used in a single month).
  • Browsers: IE (29.4%), Firefox (34.7%), Chrome (14.2%), Safari (12.4%), Opera (3.4%).
  • Operating Systems: Windows (74.9%), Macintosh (17.8%), Others (3%), Linux (4.4%).
  • Most viewed blog entry: Chastity belt share holders? (Posted: 17/12/2011).
  • Most viewed photo: Robert and Gordon : Smooth skin wetsuits (483 views).

Data from AWStats.

3 Replies to “Website statistics for December 2011”

    1. For the whole year it was 116,269 unique visitors. Bandwidth was 288.92 GB. Hosting cost for the year was £71.40 (£5.95 a month).

      1. Ouch, that is quite a bit of money. I think you should put up an ad so you don’t have to carry the whole burden. Well, maybe you had an increase in Exclusive area memberships with your Daniel and Robert photo shoot.

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