Neoprene Sleepsack more photos

I can’t even begin to tell you just how good the Neoprene Sleepsack feels. It’s true bondage heaven. Due to the internal arm sleeves, there is no way at all to play with yourself. You just have to hope the person in control opens the zip and has a play 😎

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14 Replies to “Neoprene Sleepsack more photos”

  1. Well, I can already see you’re enjoying being in that sleepsack! I guess you needed help to stand up?

  2. Very nice, good to see that you’re obviously enjoying yourself. How about a webcast in it?

    1. Doubt I would get away with doing that. I would get banned from using ustream.

  3. Great fotos Gordon, many thanks! Obviously, you had a lot of fun in the sleepsack… I’ll try to get one, too.

    — Mark

  4. Thanks to both of you for superb pics! 😉 Comments to be added to individual pics soon! 😉

  5. Great pictures! Got bound for 12h in this neoprene bag, you should try to stay longer… 😉

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