12 Replies to “Webcam will be live tonight @ 6pm GMT”

  1. think the only one ive not seen you in now is the Gul 😀 and the speedsuit, time to complete the collection hehes 😀

    1. Good idea about the Orca speedsuit. But I can’t wear the Gul one, since I have no idea where it is. Not used it since maybe 2006.

  2. I like the Orca idea as well. In fact, I was gonna suggest that and then after about 30 minutes add the motorcycle gear on top. Leathers, boots, gloves and helmet and leave for at least another 30 minutes. Get a nice little sweat going. 🙂 Then we’ll decide if you can take it off or not. hehe

  3. Is it possible to announce such events a bit more in advance, say, the day before? I know, it’ll not always be possible, as they’re probably quite spontaneous. But most times I read the announcement mail hours after the camera has already gone offline again. I would have loved to see you in the spidey. Cheerio…

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