Feb 272012

The Wetsuitlads webcam will be live tonight from 6pm GMT. Let me know what you would like me to wear, by commenting on this post!!

Check out www.wetsuitlads.co.uk/gear/ if you can’t remember what gear I have :).

  12 Responses to “Webcam will be live tonight @ 6pm GMT”

  1. Orca SpeedSuit or BlueSeventy! Show your smooth rubber body!

  2. think the only one ive not seen you in now is the Gul 😀 and the speedsuit, time to complete the collection hehes 😀

    • Good idea about the Orca speedsuit. But I can’t wear the Gul one, since I have no idea where it is. Not used it since maybe 2006.

  3. I like the Orca idea as well. In fact, I was gonna suggest that and then after about 30 minutes add the motorcycle gear on top. Leathers, boots, gloves and helmet and leave for at least another 30 minutes. Get a nice little sweat going. 🙂 Then we’ll decide if you can take it off or not. hehe

  4. Orca is good idea, but I personally like the full set of the motorcycle gear…with handcuff and leg iron…:)

  5. Like I said, Orca and then leathers. Make him sweat. 🙂 Handcuffs and leg irons added as well would be nice. 😀

  6. OK, any idea why I keep having to hit Refresh to get new comments to show up?

  7. Aww, shucks. ‘( Missed the webcam yet again! Poxy work keeps getting in the way!

  8. Is it possible to announce such events a bit more in advance, say, the day before? I know, it’ll not always be possible, as they’re probably quite spontaneous. But most times I read the announcement mail hours after the camera has already gone offline again. I would have loved to see you in the spidey. Cheerio…

  9. I missed this one, too! 🙁 Damn!!

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