New story posted : Evening Surf? – Part 4

Just posted the latest part of the “Evening Surf?” story.  Part 4 can be read by clicking here.

Please let Rob know any of your ideas for the story at

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  1. I didn’t know you did storys and it is the only thing ever i have read in my life that got me hard i would love to have a video of it or pictures with story i only read the story that the update was about but it was great love every minute i was reading it more please

    1. I don’t the story’s. The great fans of this website write them. In return I give them free access to the VIP area.

      I am hoping to do a video for one of the story’s at some point in the future…

    1. problum is most of them are To be continued at the end if a video is going to be made you need all the parts of the story

      1. Well, actually you can also make video’s or pictures for one part of the story. But indeed for the whole story would be best!

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