andyELycra website gone for good?

Looks like the andyELycra website may have gone for good. I really hope I am wrong. It was that great website, that give me the idea to setup this website back in 2003. If you try to look at it right now, you get the following message “This site is currently inactive”. So maybe he’s just gotten to paying the hosting this month. But it’s never happened before.

If anyone knows anymore please let me know!

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  1. I noticed a few days ago, the last update was in 2008… seems a great shame since there were lots of lovely pics on there. Hopefully, it will return!

  2. It’s a real shame 🙁

    He inspired a new generation of Lycra enthusiasts. I remember the first time I found his page when I was nearly 16. I loved his photos 🙂

    Maybe someone else will take up the baton an carry on, I know they’re alot lycra guys and girls across the UK and Ireland would happily model in Lycra.

  3. When I try to log in, it immediately requests login information. But, it does not accept my login or password, so I don’t know what that means. I was in contact with Andy a month or two ago, so I’m surprised; the site was up and running then.

  4. I have no idea at all what is going on with the andyELycra website. Even when it was still on-line, it had not been updated since 2009. The photo gallery not even work and the forum was just used for SPAM.

    If I do hear anything. But doubt that, I will do. I will post it here!

  5. The domain is still valid for the moment on a whois lookup but only until the end of July this year so it could well be about to vanish.

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