May 032012

I have just added a new gallery called “Gordon | Wetsuit cycling” where from now on, I will be uploading any photos, I take while out cycling in my wetsuits :).

Oh and just given the photo gallery a new look at the same time, so it looks more like the rest of the website.

Check it out @

May 032012

Below are the main website statistics for April 2012.

  • Unique visitors: 15,879.
  • Bandwidth: 45.59 GB.
  • Browsers: IE (28.2%), Firefox (32.5%), Chrome (16.6%), Safari (14.3%), Opera (3.6%).
  • Operating Systems: Windows (72%), Macintosh (20.3%), Others (2.4%), Linux (5.1%).
  • Most viewed blog entry: Nicely packed away (Posted: 02/04/2012).
  • Most viewed photo: Robert and Gordon : Smooth skin wetsuits (597 views).

Data from AWStats.

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