Most popular photos : May 2012

Below are the top three most looked at photos on Wetsuitlads during May 2012.

Number 1 (534 views) : Smooth skin wetsuits

Number 2 (397 views) : Smooth skin wetsuits

Number 3 (396 views) : Orca speedsuit (12th March 2007)

3 Replies to “Most popular photos : May 2012”

  1. hot pics wish we could do pics here in usa nyc at my lair bet you would enjoy the operaring table and vac rack

    1. I do love the sound of a vac rack. One of my mates down in London got one, that I really need to try out one day!!

      1. vac racks (Vacbeds) are so cool, you up the suction to the piont that the rubber stretches on you so tight its like rubber torture, try them they are fun 🙂

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