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  1. OMG is right , great video to share with the group, thanks again for everything you post / share, and for all of the grat work on your site.

  2. I translated the video text. Excuses for some wrong translating, but I will hope you understand the text:

    It have never been before, a swimmer who put a vorbidden swimsuite on in front of a journalist.

    “This is Jaycutter.” Forbidden at January 2013.
    “And this is the Elite.” Appoved at January 2013.

    In the Pieter van den Hoogeband swimstadium is the successful Patrick Janssen from Geldrop our volunteer.

    “I am in the trainingfacility in Eindhoven. I’m training at Sef Mulder, I’m training 10 times a Week”

    So fast the suits are, so slow, and rough, is it to put on these suit.

    “Rightfoot is in, and now the left foot.”

    On the clock, just 5 minutes has past. After the legs are into the suite, is it time for… for gloves??

    “Euh… Just better for the grip and protect your hands against barns.”

    To put the suite fully on, swimmers had, Patrick not exept, needed extern help.

    “This hat nothing to to with swimming? My God. Can it not be broken?”

    “Most people make it broken.”

    After closing the zipper…

    “The zipper…”

    “The zipper is euh…”

    “Oh… I thougt… I thougt to close easely a zipper, but… Horreble this.”

    And after thirty minutes the swimmer stands on the starting block.

    “It feels tight, but… euh… it feels very closed for my feeling.”

    The new swimmig clothes appoved by the World Swimming Federation take a less time.

    “30 seconds.”

    At January 2013 the ‘wondersuits’ are forbidden. What do our volunteer with his speeding suite?

    “I throw him away.”

  3. I don’t care what he is saying but he does look good, in and out of that body suit.

  4. I love all the posted videos. O M G is right coz i like spedos of all kinds and sizes and the models are HOT hot hot! I mean the male models are HOT HOT HOT ! I am going to get me one of those spedo
    full body racing suits and maby a model to go with it may he be sexy long legs and long body and cuddly like Michael.

  5. Think it was on about the body suits being banned and everybody being reduced back to jammers damned shame

  6. i can translate it because i speak flemish and this is dutch but it is not that possitive so …
    but i dont care what they say i like it

  7. It takes half an hour to clothe in this suit.
    At 1.25 he says: it feels tight and it feels locked.
    The video is indeed about the body suits which were banned.

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