Jul 202012

Yes I am still on a break from this website. But I just found this extra hot video and had to let you all see it!

  25 Responses to “Video: Straitjacket”

  1. Is a brilliant video, and i promise you the scenes that come after it are even hotter!!! 😉 ive got the full movie

  2. but maybe youd have to submit to chastity and maybe other toys and a straightjacket yourself first before being allowed to watch it

  3. It is an awesome video! Would love to be a visitor in such store!

  4. Love this video, very hot and would love to see the entire thing….and would love to be the visitor

  5. I first saw this video a few months ago, I loved it then, I still love it now.

    Manic, you have the full video? Oh, you lucky devil!

  6. I would love to see the complete streight jacket video beginning to end the brain teaser wasHOT!!
    wow what a rush!! more P l ea s e.!!!!!!!

  7. Aye, great video… have watched it a few times before… and its better each time.

  8. Anyone know of any more hot videos like that around on the net? x

  9. Hot video! Gotta visit!

  10. Video called Leatherbound, avail from several bittorrent sites, was actually filmed at the Mr. S-Leather store in San Fransisco

    • Could you put down a URL, I have looked and looked and I still cannot find it…. Help please

  11. where can i get the full film???

  12. I’ve been to that store. It’s an amazing place. It’s about the same size as one of the Tesco Extra supermarkets, but sells nothing but fetish gear. I could have spent an absolute fortune.

  13. Urgh… It seems to be harder than I thought when it comes to searching for this movie.
    Any suggestions??

  14. where will I find this film

  15. A friend took me to Mr. S Leather several years ago, there are indeed interesting sights and activities there. I’ve seen the whole video also, but screwed up trying to reset, it disappeared and I haven’t found it again. Glad I saw it all once. San Francisco is 175 miles from my home and is worth the visit. Lots of things to see.

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