Vlog: RST Pro Series 1 Piece Leather Suit

Wearing my RST Pro Series 1 Piece Leather Suit in some local woods. I am bit hot, since I don’t have a motorcycle. The only way to get myself and leathers to woods was to cycle there.

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  1. Heheh

    Can’t believe you cycled in that, even if it was only 9 miles. Must have felt rather tiring with all that leather on, besides getting all sweaty. Still, the end result was worth it I think, nice photos, and you really do look like a proper biker boy with that kit.

    If you do ever get a motorbike, you’ll have to get one that matches the kit!

  2. I agree with BlondGuppy: you look great in your full biker racing kit. Hot and sweaty is an added bonus ( hehehe) . Wearing that kit ( and your wet suits ) are very exciting. Thank you a hundredfold for sharing them with us, we ( I ) do really apreciate it ! Cheers Richard / take care.

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