Aug 302012

Just posted new photos of myself, taken while out cycling in a wetsuit :).

More photos from this set can be found @

  5 Responses to “New wetsuit cycling photos”

  1. looks like it was raining as well how COOL was that 🙂 Dam hot pics, ALL this riding is making you very ” FIT “

  2. If you need anyone to dry you off, or rub you down, just call. Nice shots.

  3. gorgeous simply lovely… looks as if it was very horny to do

  4. Looking at these two photos, I almost dropped my glass of lemonade in amazement!

    Lovely G… that photo on the left [1042] just looks like you are asking so much for a cuddle! 😀

  5. more brilliant vids & pics, looking hot and horny as always 🙂

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