Extra happy in Adidas body suit

I am sure you will all love these photos! 🙂 If not, then what is wrong with you??

The full set of these photos can only be found in the exclusive area.

10 Replies to “Extra happy in Adidas body suit”

  1. Gordon: What a lovely big package, it is a great picture and you look like you enjoyed having it taken. The mor I look at it the greate the effect on me . Cheers.

  2. Gordon, your are indeed happy! It seems to be contagious. Thanks for spreading happy

  3. Gordon: I agree with Grant , these pictures are very contagious. I too am now happy in my tight lycra. One special photo request… please wear this suit of yours in the shower and take soaking wet pics to post and share, those would be mind blowing .

    Thanks again.

    1. I have done. They can be find in the VIP area! Took them a good number of weeks back.

  4. Amazing… I can’t help but wonder why you seem so happy in these pictures…. And I thought my Under Armour Recharge Suit was a little revealing!

    Great G… made up for the last two stressful days at work this has! 😉 Ta muchly!

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