Should wear underwear!

Showing why I could really be wearing underwear with these cycling shorts!

Check out for some more photos from this set!

12 Replies to “Should wear underwear!”

  1. ah, so those leggings dont go all the way up!
    what sort of underwear could/would you wear anyway?

  2. :O gordon! im so appalled! i may need to lock myself in the bedroom for a few hours to get over this! 😛

    1. Good thing I’m already ‘locked’ for the night!!!! Painful yes, wish he would stop teasing me! Heheheh!

  3. Beautiful!!! You know you should never wear anything under cycle shorts to protect the “boys” from chaffing. Besides, how would other enjoy seeing you so much. If your’e timid, stay on the bike, bent forward you’d hardly bee seen at all!! Thank you for the WONDERFUL pics!

  4. I put my vote in for this to become the best foto of October . I hope a few others agree with me 🙂

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