Nov 182012

Remember a while back I come up with the idea of having Chastity belt share holders? Well this lad wants to buy me on, then rent it back to me.  And only let me out once I have fully paid it off. But I have only pay back so much a week. If for any reason, I miss a weekly payment he will add two weeks on to total time. The belt to right is £150, so at £5 a week, would take like 30 weeks to be let out.

So what do you think of this idea?

Nov 182012

Since I still had the Spider-Man suit on after work (Check out Peterborough Greyhounds : Children In Need 2012 to see why). Which also happens to be the longest time I ever had it on for. Put it on at 5:30pm and still at it on after 12:30am. So of course, I just had to stop on the way home and get these photos. It’s also the first time, I have ever driven my car dressed as Spider-Man :).

The full set of these photos can be found @

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