3 Replies to “Tom Daley and Liam Payne Halloween photos”

  1. I have no opinion on Liam Payne but i think his costume (apart from the plastic armour) might be lycra underneath but you still can’t beat a bit of Tom with his skeletal devil persona. Oh to roll in gay abandon with atom would be pure bliss, especially if i got to pound his lucious tush into a cream filled bum.

  2. Gordon , good job on your picture searching, it turned out brillant results, too cute ! and I’m also loving Daniel’s comment . Having a craving for cream filled buns for some reason.

  3. Mind look at the second photo and where Tom’s left hand seems to hover… it almost like he’s goosing Liam and finding that Liam has a lush tush and so is conveying it through his face.
    I would still like to jump that bag of bones, but if i can handcuff bats into the equation, this bouncy castle will certainly be deflated at the end and all participants will be beavily heavily.

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