New VIP : Chastity belt section live!!

That’s the new Chastity belt section now live!! Where you will find photos of myself locked in the chastity belt, that will find no where else.

To get access you to these photos. You will need to have give an extra £20 on top of any donation, you may have already given!

Which I don’t think is to bad to get to see photos of myself locked up and all helpless in the chastity belt.

Website statistics for November 2012

Below are the main website statistics for November 2012.

  • Unique visitors: 14,252.
  • Bandwidth: 64.39 GB.
  • Browsers: IE (21.7%), Firefox (34.5%), Chrome (18.2%), Safari (15.7%), Opera (4.3%).
  • Operating Systems: Windows (69.8%), Macintosh (21.6%), Others (2.7%), Linux (5.7%).
  • Most viewed blog entry: Renting a chastity belt (Posted: 18/11/2012).
  • Most viewed photo: Robert and Gordon : Smooth skin wetsuits (631 views).

Data from AWStats.

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