Dec 272012

Below are my favourite photos from each month between January and June 2012. Well for the months I did take photos. I will make sure next year, I take photos for this website each month!!

Did not take a single photo for Wetsuitlads.

blueseventy axium wetsuit

Did not take a single photo for Wetsuitlads.

blueseventy axium (19th April 2012)

blueseventy axium (1st May 2012)

Gordon wearing the Adidas full body suit

  5 Responses to “My favourite photos : Jan – Jun 2012”

  1. Great photos Gordon, as always thankyou for sharing

  2. happyhogmany was february taken on Valentines day?

  3. thats ne hll of a tight sexy suit, awsume bet it feels so hoeny in that 🙂

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