Dec 032012

That’s the new Chastity belt section now live!! Where you will find photos of myself locked in the chastity belt, that will find no where else.

To get access you to these photos. You will need to have give an extra £20 on top of any donation, you may have already given!

Which I don’t think is to bad to get to see photos of myself locked up and all helpless in the chastity belt.

  7 Responses to “New VIP : Chastity belt section live!!”

  1. What sort of photos can we expect to see? Do we see a before and after, a slideshow of the incarceration or is your modesty still covered throughout?

    • You will only see photos of myself, after the chastity belt has been locked on. Which will of course include ones of myself trying to get it off, playing the lock etc. Also will get ones with it under other gear. So ones with the sleepsack, Spider-Man suit, Lycra and of course wetsuits.

      I am, of course, open to photo ideas!

  2. this one is great already mmmm

  3. A nice teaser pic to begin with there. Perhaps a vlog of the belt on and you locking the padlock, tugging at it etc.

  4. I was happy with what the exclusive area gave befor .More Donation arent possable if that what you want.

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