Dec 162012

The Wetsuitlads webcam will be live this afternoon from around 3:30pm GMT. Let me know what you would like me to wear, by commenting on this post!!

Wetsuitlads webcam

  8 Responses to “Webcam will be live from 3:30pm GMT”

  1. Spiderman suit!

  2. …….with a rubber or leather hood!

  3. Chastity belt, orca, and helmet i say 🙂

  4. Blue lycra suit & CB

  5. Orca!!

  6. Seems to be too cold for Lycra, so… Oneill wetsuit, with gloves and boots, hood up and S10 on!

  7. Big thanks to everyone that watched the show today!! 🙂 x

  8. It was great watching you Gordon, especially showing the belt in it’s natural glory, before you covered it up.

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