Forum : New topic sections added : 21/01/2013

Wetsuitlads forum (20/01/2013)Since I want to get the Wetsuitlads forum back to being very well used. I have just added the following new topic sections:-

New version of the forum back on-line : 20/01/2013

Since Wetsuitlads forum (20/01/2013)so many of you were not happy at all that the forum was removed the other day. I have spent the last number of hours upgrading the forum to a new version. Which should be better. So I just hope, after all the work I have out into it. I don’t have to close this one down!

Please when you login for the first time, please can you update your profile, by adding your birthday :).

Wetsuit snow fun photos : 19/01/2013

Since I have not done any fun photos in the snow since 2009. I made up my mind it was about time I took some more. I hope you all like these photos of myself wearing the blueseventy axium wetsuit with the RST Delta Gloves. Can’t wait to read your comments about them!!
Wetsuit snow funWetsuit snow fun

Wetsuit snow funWetsuit snow fun

The full set of these photos can be found at

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