Jan 192013

Here is the first ever photo of myself wearing the Chastity Belt outdoors.

Chastity Belt outdoors

More photos from this set can be found in the chastity belt exclusive area.

  7 Responses to “First time wearing the Chastity Belt outdoors”

  1. wow so damn sexy and kinky

  2. I wonder when you’ll be brave enough to wear it publicly, under casual clothes while leaving the key at home! Good on you matey!

  3. Looking hot as ever , even in the cold and snow, I wore my wet suit this morning as I cleared off the car and shoveled snow.

  4. damm your a hot lad like that keep tat willy locked up best ting for you

  5. very Horny!

  6. You are too hot for words to describe..so a stiffy just came up..


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