Video: Wetsuited while on the Turbo Trainer

Since I have not done a wetsuit related vlog in a good number of months. It was about time, I changed that. So I really hope you like the following two videos. In which I am wearing my sexy blueseventy axium wetsuit, while on my turbo trainer.

2 Replies to “Video: Wetsuited while on the Turbo Trainer”

  1. Gordon, you may not have achieved the sweaty stage yet , but you surpassed the hot stage right away. You look so good in that wet suit and in motion on your trainer. I bet the back view is pretty hot too. Keep up the great work on your posts, thanks always , hope work wasn’t to hard and sweaty.

  2. Such a great video, amazing suit your blue seventy, you look so hot in it, and how it looking very tight on you too, get me well going, good good work. 🙂

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