Feb 282013

Here is another great photo of wickedm6 as Spider-Man! This time taken from his instagram profile. It does really look like he’s ready for bondage in this photo!!


Feb 272013

Check out these great photos of wickedm6 as Spider-Man! Really wish I had a Spider-Man suit like that! If I did, I would never want to take it off!!



For more Spider-Man cosplay photos check out his fan page @ www.facebook.com/Wickedm6.

Feb 262013

He may not be pulling the best face in the world in this photo. But if you down the Original (3072 x 4608) image. It’s HOT!

Theo Bos

Feb 262013

Not posted any new, photos of the very sexy Theo Bos for a good while. So here is new HOT photo to change that!


Feb 222013

Here is yet another photo of a hot biker lad!!

I hope you, don’t mind all these non wetsuit photos. Just not, having much luck finding them right now.


Source : www.flickr.com/photos/85713750@N06/8287429270/

Feb 212013

I do love a fit lad in motorcycle leathers. I would love to get in my leathers and get on the back of the bike with him!!


Source : https://faginparis.tumblr.com/post/38796347420/yeah-man-the-bike-the-gear-the-fag-has-paid

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