Mar 122013

Here are the first photos of myself wearing the new First photos of PBK Team Long Sleeve Skinsuit, that I got today! Hope you all like it. Looking forward to reading your comments about them!

PBK Team Long Sleeve Skinsuit 2013PBK Team Long Sleeve Skinsuit 2013
PBK Team Long Sleeve Skinsuit 2013

Mar 122013

Sorry they’re has been next to no updates this month. This is due to the fact, I can’t find any new photos. All my normal sources have dried up.

Also Nick now can’t make it this later this month. He’s told me, he’s still coming to do more photo this year. Just not 100% sure when :(.

Also I am going to stop posting new photos of myself for a while. Since they are only so many new photos of myself, I can post!

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