Sorry about no updates…

Sorry they’re has been next to no updates this month. This is due to the fact, I can’t find any new photos. All my normal sources have dried up.

Also Nick now can’t make it this later this month. He’s told me, he’s still coming to do more photo this year. Just not 100% sure when :(.

Also I am going to stop posting new photos of myself for a while. Since they are only so many new photos of myself, I can post!

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  1. Do what you can, adorable sexy man. It’s all beautiful, and much appreciated.

  2. Gordon don’t be so hard on yourself, I appreciate what you do post and enjoy them as well. I suggest you go into your files and post earlier pics from your collection, I enjoy venturing back and looking at your older pics from time to time, can’t get enough of those creek romps and shower pics are always a good time viewing. Thanks again for all you do. Hey the new pics are awesome too, love the new cycle suit and that new bike … very nice. My pervy mind saw the bile and said out loud … “That is one lucky bike seat !”

    Enjoy your day !

  3. Sorry to hear Gordon, wish i could come over and model stuff for you or well, let me know if you might still might want to come over here…. 🙂
    all the best,

  4. Yep second that, I am still dribbling over the pictures you posted in Febuary! Especially the leather clad bikers and Spider-Man 🙂 Well done keep up the good work 🙂
    If I am honest it is nice to have a website whos content is quite tame and pleasant to browse through unlike some other gay sites which are full of filth and violence which is a complete turn off for me.

    So well done Gordon 🙂

    1. I agree with Kev 100% – there are enough sites with people’s bits on show to satisfy the world twice, it is good to see you and your mates enjoying being yourselves clad in wetsuits, leathers, lycra and the superhero costumes.
      Life is for fun – even for an ageing wetsuit and leather man like myself – we’ll await developments as & when they happen, enjoying what’s already on the site until then.

      All the best,


  5. Gordon, completely agree with Ian, don’t beat yourself up, you’ve done a fantastic job so far!

  6. You don’t have to apologise G. There are only so many images you can post! You’d done a great job in spending ages finding the images so far. I really do appreciate what you do G.

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