Poll : What to wear next on the zip wire?

It’s new poll time! This time I am asking “What to wear next on the zip wire?” Vote below or by using the right hand-side menu.

What to wear next on the zip wire?

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26 Replies to “Poll : What to wear next on the zip wire?”

    1. Sorry can’t see me wearing that on it! I would worry, way, way to much about getting oil on it!

  1. I am happy that the leathers are winning right now!! Just need to find a way to get my boots and helmet there. Since I normally use panniers. But since getting my new bike, I have still to get around to getting a new pannier rack.

    The only other way is to walk down in my leathers…. don’t want to be doing that!

  2. Hmm, the Leathers will make you nice and sweaty running about from the bottom of the zip wire back to the top!

    1. No idea how that would work!! I can’t even find someone to put me in the sleepsack, never mind the straightjacket :(.

      1. You could put your arms in the straight jacket around the zip wire. But indeed, you should need somebody to put you in it…

    1. Great idea! I will wait for rain, till I do that one!! It’s a bit warm to be wearing that wetsuit right now.

  3. I can’t believe just how close this poll is running. It’s looking like, I will need to do two new videos. One in the Adidas fullbody suit and another head-to-toe in leathers!! 🙂

    1. I have the feeling that you wouldn’t regret to do it 😉
      Maybe you can even do an extra one with the spiderman suit…

      1. I think you should wear one of those skin tight all in one fire suits, that sports motorbikers wears and F1 drivers.

          1. Well to be honest I think what he is referring to is just something like a full black lycra suit/zentai..

  4. That’s the Adidas fullbody suit video now here! Hope you all like it!! 🙂

  5. Since the Spider-Man suit now as a clear lead over the leathers. I will make sure I record a zip wire video of me doing just that. I will do it, at some point this week!

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