Jun 232013

Tom Daley wearing a wetsuit. Well half in one. So it’s better then nothing at all! He’s the one on the far left BTW!

If anyone knows where I can find more photos like this, then please let me know ASAP!! 🙂


Source : instagram.com/p/a4NpkTv1x9/

Jun 172013

Since you voted for it! Here is the second of two new videos of myself wearing the Spider-Man. While on the zip wire. This one gives you an birds eye view. Never filmed a vlog like this before. So please comment and let me know what you think!

Jun 132013

These photos are aimed at people that may have never been to this website before. That I do own a chastity belt! If you want to see more photos of me locked up, just give £20 via our donation page to see the full set!

Gordon : Deluxe Male Stainless Steel Chastity BeltChastity Belt under Adidas full body suit

Chastity Belt over blueseventy axiumChastity Belt outdoors

More photos from this set can be found in the chastity belt exclusive area.

Jun 132013

Andrew Garfield on set while filming The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Which is due out sometime 2014! The more photos I see, the more I know. I will need to be locked in my chastity belt, when I go to see it!!


Check out andrewgarfieldsource.com/gallery/displayimage.php?album=632&pid=32233 for the full sized 1,857px × 3,000px version of this photo!

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