Jun 092013

I am sure that Marc Marquez gets hotter and hotter, every time I see him wearing his leathers!


Source : ladecimadevalentino.wordpress.com/2012/05/01/el-ano-de-marc-marquez/

Jun 062013

I said, I would do some Spider-Man suit photos while in Scotland! I used the same place, last time while in Scotland. The place with the A74(M) right next to me! Can’t wait to read your comments about them!!



The full set of these photos can be found @ photos.wetsuitlads.co.uk/gordon-va/spider-man/06-06-2013/.

Jun 042013

Below are the main website statistics for May 2013.

  • Unique visitors: 16,222.
  • Bandwidth: 34.41 GB.
  • Browsers: IE (20.9%), Firefox (32.4%), Chrome (22%), Safari (15.2%), Opera (4.5%).
  • Operating Systems: Windows (69.9%), Macintosh (21.6%), Others (2.4%), Linux (5.9%).
  • Most viewed blog entry: Poll : What to wear next on the zip wire? (Posted: 16/05/2013).
  • Most viewed photo: Gordon : Wetsuit cycling (968 views).

Data from AWStats.

Jun 032013

Sorry I took this photo a while back. But only just gotten around to posting it here! Hope you all like! And BTW the full sized (6016 x 3384) version can be found at www.flickr.com/photos/gsvalentine/8868730663/sizes/o/in/photostream/.

blueseventy axium (15th May 2013)

Many more photos like this can be found at photos.wetsuitlads.co.uk/gordon-va/wetsuit_cycling/.

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