Aug 182013

You may have already seen the photos of our model Nick all helpless in my neoprene sleepsack. Well at long last, it was my turn to get put in the neoprene sleepsack and find out how he felt, all them weeks ago… hope you all love these photos. Can’t wait to read your comments!!

Neoprene sleepsackNeoprene sleepsack and hooded
Neoprene sleepsack and hoodedNeoprene sleepsack abd hooded

The full set of these photos can be found @

  14 Responses to “Helpless in my neoprene sleepsack”

  1. That is really hot and sexy

  2. Yes Gordon , you would be helpless in that sleepsack, but you’d have a smile on your face for a week once we were done with you in it .

  3. A very hot package indeed, Gordon. Glad to see Nick wasn’t the only one getting some good use from the sleepsack.

  4. Gordon U look smashing all trussed up in your sleep sack !!!

  5. Hope that Hood was locked on as well

    • Sorry it as not. Mainly due to how warm it was! I was starting to cook! So wanted to make sure we could get the hood off fast, if needed.

  6. Love it w the hood!

  7. Are your arms fixed in position or can you move them?

  8. Awesome combination – love the pic on the floor, squirming around!

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