Liam Payne goes surfing in Australia

I was so happy in more than one way. When I woke up in the morning and found these photos all over the Internet. Of Liam Payne wearing a wetsuit, while surfing in Australia!

Liam Payne surfing (One Direction)

Liam Payne surfing (One Direction)

Liam Payne surfing (One Direction)

More photos from this set can be found @


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  1. Gordon , he does wear that wetsuit nicely. I guess the feeling you got when you viewed these pics are pretty much what guys like me feel when we see you in your hot gear as well , your wet suit pics are some of my favs . This guy wears his suit nicely, butt I would view ( and do ) your pics over his any day of the year. Hey I hope your vaca was a blast. Welcome home ( to us ) !!

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