Dec 022013

Since Tom Daley had just come out. Gives me a great reason to repost these photos! Got to say he does look extra cute in a Lycra Morphsuit.

Please note I don’t own the copyright to any of these photos.

Dec 022013

Tom Daley has come out as gay. I am sure that this news, will have made many lads very happy indeed!

Please watch the very moving and inspiring video below.

Dec 022013

Below are the main website statistics for November 2013.

  • Unique visitors: 13,434.
  • Bandwidth: 27.99 GB.
  • Browsers: IE (17.3%), Firefox (31.8%), Chrome (23.8%), Safari (16.4%), Opera (4.2%).
  • Operating Systems: Windows (68%), Macintosh (22.6%), Others (1.9%), Linux (7.3%).
  • Most viewed blog entry: Great new location for doing photos (Posted: 03/11/2013).
  • Most viewed photo: Nick : blueseventy axium (402 views).

Data from AWStats.

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