Just ordered a new desktop PC!

10100Just gone and ordered a new PC. I am getting a Scan Value Range V10 at a cost of £492.79 with the following specification:-

Now I can’t wait to get it! It will make me want to keep this website updated a lot more. Hope it turns up very soon!

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    1. Thanks. I will need it. Copying all the stuff off my old PC. Going to take a long time…

  1. You were lucky in getting a new PC, that still had a copy of Windows 7 as it’s operating system.

    But well done in getting it.

    1. It was easy getting it. I could pick from Windows 7, Windows 7 Pro, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. So I of course went for Windows 7 Pro. Not really heard a good thing said about Windows 8.

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