Had my USPS cycling gear since 2005!

Here are two photos of myself wearing my sexy USPS cycling gear. Just had a look, had the jersey since 26th March 2005 and the bib shorts since the 7 April 2005. The top is still looking very good, the shorts are starting to show there age. Need to wear underwear or tights under them. If I don’t show off a lot more, than I really want to!!

USPS team cycling gearUSPS team cycling gear

Here is one photo, that shows why I need to wear gear under them!

USPS team cycling gear

3 Replies to “Had my USPS cycling gear since 2005!”

  1. Looking great in this gear as always, no worries about showing off your big package, the logos explain everything with the postal service logo, you are just shipping your package wherever you ride, advertising your wears as well as theirs. Having lost 35 pounds over the past 6 months I am enjoying wearing my tight gear , cheers to you !!!

  2. I always wondered what the Nike tick symbol meant – now that pic tells us it is an indicator of what may be concealed………………………….

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