11 Replies to “Myself in a vac rack!”

  1. Competition time??

    I’m guessing he was wearing his cycling shorts and shirt (see the seems 1/2 down his thigh and around his biceps)

    He could be wearing just t-shirt and boxers, but my warped-mind would prefer the cycling stuff.

    Whats the square block on the right knee?

    1. I had Lycra underwear on. Was the only thing I was wearing.

      No idea what that square block on the right knee is! Maybe my knee is square, who knows!

  2. G, you are one very lucky guy! How long was you left like that? And you look fine with your hair as it is!

  3. Please don’t shave your hair! We love it all! Like the shiny view! I see you like it! Are you naked?

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