Aug 212014

Yet another cycle, while locked in the chastity belt. This time in white Lycra!

Gordon : Chastity under Lycra

More photos from this set can be found in the Chastity Belt exclusive area.

Aug 112014

Do you think anyone would notice the chastity belt under the Lycra?? Pleased to say I did 32.8 miles of cycling today and I was locked in the cage the whole time!

 Chastity belt under Lycra

Aug 022014

Below are the main website statistics for July 2014.

  • Unique visitors: 15,734.
  • Bandwidth: 32.74 GB.
  • Browsers: IE (6.3%), Firefox (30.5%), Chrome (28.1%), Safari (20.1%), Opera (1.7%).
  • Operating Systems: Windows (60.2%), Macintosh (27.8%), Others (1.8%), Linux (10.1%).
  • Most viewed blog entry: OMG! We have a new model! (Posted: 03/07/2014).
  • Most viewed photo: Nick : blueseventy axium (615 views).

Data from AWStats.

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