Chastity belt under Lycra

Do you think anyone would notice the chastity belt under the Lycra?? Pleased to say I did 32.8 miles of cycling today and I was locked in the cage the whole time!

 Chastity belt under Lycra

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  1. Nice view! I don’t think that. I like that- the boys get crazy- only insiders can see that.

  2. Only those that know, will know what it is.

    Dare you to keep it on until you ride 500 miles 🙂

  3. That’s a great photo, and very revealing. But no one would know you were shackled up under that lycra suit.

    Lovely sight though.

  4. I’m usually too busy looking at hot lycra covered ass on cyclist. With a normal front glance, especially in biking position, I’d just thing, “what a lucky hung guy.” Absolutely love it by the way.

  5. It would be great if we were a society with a good sense of humour and ribaldry, imagine the ironic comments you could get:

    “Jeez dude, looks like you’ve a gas pipe down there!”
    “Do you need a snake wrangler to keep that under control”

    Alas, this is the UK, we don’t mention such things!

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