Any one want to see the full set?

If you want to see the full set of these photos, then let me know! They will of course get posted to the exclusive area first! Which ONLY costs £8 to join! Sign by clicking here!

12 Replies to “Any one want to see the full set?”

  1. Love to see the whole set. And any extras you might have as there are in the exclusive area of the site.

  2. Hi Gordon, I did have access to the exclusive area before and I stumbled my way in there last night somehow, but I can’t find an easy way to login, if I go to it just says members only but there is no link to login, again there seems to be no login link on the main page. The only login I can find is on the forum but that doesn’t take me to the pictures. Link I say I stumbled my way to them last night but can’t remember how. My user name is tiger.


      1. Thanks Gordon! Got it Ive bookmarked it now. Hot pictures!
        Still trying to see how he gets in and out, can’t be through that small zip on his bottom surely! Lol.


  3. WOW – Such a hot photo set – Love to see a session where you swap and see you slide into his warm sweaty tight rubber after him :-p

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