Oct 262015

That’s me just back in from the longest cycling so far wearing the Zone3 Evolution Swim-Run wetsuit. I did just over 29 miles! So that may also make it the longest wetsuited cycle of the year so far…

Oh and when I first put the wetsuit on, I got a bit turned on! So ended up cumming inside the wetsuit. So I did that 29 miles, with a wetsuit filled up with cum!

Zone3 Evolution Swim-Run Wetsuit

  5 Responses to “29 mile cycle in Zone3 Evolution Swim-Run Wetsuit!”

  1. Yummy so sexy, would love to have seen that.

  2. I bet that was nice & sticky when you came to remove it.

  3. That’s so horny, wish I had been there to help you clean up , cum and neoprene yum yum

  4. I like the shiney on your suit!

  5. Did you only cycle in the wetsuit or did you have a 2nd layer?

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