Jan 252016

Yet another cycling wearing my Zone3 Evolution Swim-Run wetsuit. Believe it or not, I’ve wore this wetsuit for every cycle so far this year! Lucky most of the time, it does not show everything off like this!

Zone3 Evolution Swim-Run Wetsuit (25th January 2016)

  7 Responses to “Another cycle in the Zone3 Evolution Swim-Run wetsuit”

  1. I don’t have anything inspiring to say except:

    BABE U R HOT 😀

  2. Looks like a very nice fit; do u need a hand or something. 🙂

  3. WOOF you look fantastic , love the outline of your cock and balls mmmmmm

  4. Certainly a nice tight fit, and revealing what a sexy body you’ve got and a nice outline where your is.

  5. Fantastic photo again & a Great outline of your cock.

  6. YUMMM!!! ME SUCK IT!!

  7. Mmmm! Miam! Long time ago, since your last sexy wetsuit post! I enjoy that! It make me hard!

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