Lycra, public places + handcuffs!

Since anyone can do bondage photos, I like to go one better and do outdoor photos!

So while out cycling in Lycra of course, I took a pair of handcuffs with with me! And cuffed myself standing next to village road signs and next to country roads!

Got any ideas for public bondage, then do let me know!

Lycra + handcuffs!
Lycra + handcuffs!
Lycra + handcuffs!

12 Replies to “Lycra, public places + handcuffs!”

  1. I am a cyclist from the Tinkoff team. I love to fuck my teammates. Do you have a bicycle lycra outfit Tinkoff team? I want to see you in the outfit of my team! Thank you.

  2. Try to seduce a pro cyclist. It is not difficult. Greet the cyclist during the race, which goes in the direction toward you. Put your hand on your bulge. Lick your lips. Interrupt your race and look around back. If he looks back – he is your!

    1. I need to do more, wetsuit photos FULL STOP! I will try to sort some out soon! 🙂

  3. Great photo, but I’d love to see you cuffed to a motorbike, in bikeleathers ofcourse 😉

  4. I think one of the cuffs needs to be around your balls – possibly hidden under the suit and then you just ‘tethered’ to the other cuff … or another set of handcuffs around your balls and then linked thru your cuffed wrists!

  5. How about handcuffing yourself to the fences, signs or signposts you’re stopping by, or even your bike … you need something hidden from view too, and only shown in one of your pictures to us, your loyal viewers!

  6. Like the idea of handcuffing yourself to signposts – would you risk hands behind back?

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