Lockable gas masks

I am looking into getting a lockable gas mask! Right now, I am looking at the Danish Gas Mask Hood or the S10 Gas Mask Hood! The idea of course being, I got out a walk while wearing a wetsuit. Then put the gas mask on, lock it! Then got for a mile long walk, leaving the key behind!

I would of course film the whole event!! 🙂

Danish Gas Mask Hood

Danish Gas Mask Hood – www.regulation-london.com/clothing/head-gear/gas-masks/danish-gas-mask-hood

S10 Gas Mask Hood

S10 Gas Mask Hood – www.regulation-london.com/clothing/head-gear/gas-masks/s10-gas-mask-hood

13 Replies to “Lockable gas masks”

  1. Very nice, but a bit pricey. Surely there must be a way to add a lock to an ordinary gas mask? Still, deliciously kinky … I just hope you’ve thought up a good excuse incase you meet anyone 🙂

    1. Yes they are a bit pricey! But I would get lot’s of fun wearing it! Would also mean, I have two gas mask’s ready for then Nick is next here!

      The idea of getting caught by someone is sort of extra HOT!

  2. Go for it! Those gasmasks are so HOT! I would go for S10, it looks better, the lockable version of course. 🙂

  3. I’d say go for the S10, as it looks the tighter of the two, making is slightly claustrophobic, and when out walking with it, making you fight for every breath.

  4. S10!!! Lol great idea to go for a walk in it!!! 😉
    Just need a really good story if caught wearing it in public!!! Lok

    1. I may even end up being gagged under the gas mask! Do could not even tell them a good story! 🙂

  5. I think there everything should be lockable and suit and a gas mask and boots and gloves, the only way you can get satisfaction.

    1. That’s a great idea! But I like the idea of having two gas masks! So when Nick is next here, we can both wear them!!

      1. Ahh, great idea! For that to be even better, you need a double hose and filter assembly.

  6. Carl. Have a look on eBay They do come up. btonboyz as a seller usually has a choice of S6 and S10′ rubber hood gsamasks

  7. The idea sounds fun but they look pricey as and appear to be sold out of the S10 anyway . Probably just as well, otherwise I’d be tempted to buy one

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