Tears On the Dancefloor, by Steps

I know this has nothing at all to do with bondage, Lycra or wetsuits! But I am totally loving the new Steps record, Tears On the Dancefloor!! Been spinning it like mad, while updating this website!!

So quick question for everyone! Has anyone else been getting into collecting vinyl?

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  1. I used to collect it many years ago, but I don’t quite get the current trend? Unless you are using high end audiophile equipment to listen to it? It seems a bit of a backward step. Many people will say it’s actually having the physical item, like owning a book I guess and others with the expensive equipment will say vinyl out performs any CD or MP3, but I don’t get it, neither can I hear the difference either.
    I’m using a £1000 amplifier and about £700 speakers. Maybe I’m just deaf! 🙂

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